How to cut moving costs?

Relocation is a very complex process and, depending your household, it can be a bit expensive, too. But
there are many ways in which you can lower your total moving costs, and we are happy to show you
some of them. Let’s find out how to cut moving costs but keep the quality of your moving experience.

Plan way ahead

You should try to schedule the move at least six weeks in advance. Pick some date during the midweek,
when rates will be lower than on the weekends. Also, schedule it for some time midmonth, when the
rates are lower than at the end of the month, when most people are moving house.

Off-season is your time

One of the best ways to cut moving costs is to move during the off-season, if possible. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to choose when you are going to move out, but if you have the luxury of flexibility, use it. The off-season period for moving business is anywhere between September and May. This is because most people want to move during the spring and summer. Furthermore, choosing to avoid the peak of the moving season can help you cut the moving price up to 20%, or even more.

Determine your moving budget and stick to it

According to the average moving costs, create a home moving budget to help you stay within your
financial limits. Your budget will serve you as an invaluable moving costs checklist as well. It will also be
a reminder that includes valuable information regarding the moving company expenses. You should
include the moving cost estimate, additional services, moving insurance and extra charges if you are
hiring a professional moving company. Depending on whether you are renting or buying your new place, don’t forget the money for lease or home mortgage.

If you are not hiring professionals, make sure you write down the self-moving expenses, such as truck
rental costs, packing supplies, and moving equipment. It is very important to know for sure that you
have saved enough money to cover the future moving expenses. You don’t want to realize you don’t
have enough money in the middle of the process.

Move less to pay less

If you declutter your home prior to packing, it won’t be just a healthy decision but a cost-effective one,
too. Hence, purge your home of all no longer useful things and you’ll notice a huge cut in the house
moving costs, as well in the transportation costs.

Finally, you are paying for the transport of each and every item found in your home. So, ask yourself if
you really need all your old possessions that much that you will pay to move them just to toss them
after some time. Moving the things you don’t use is a huge waste, and getting rid of them will be a
huge cut. So, are you ready to get rid of the clutter?

Additionally, you could even organize a garage sale and earn a few bucks. You can also donate some of
them and feel good about yourself. And the things that are no longer usable, you can always recycle.
This decluttering step will certainly help you cut down on moving costs big time.

Low-cost movers wanted

Your best bet to cut your moving costs is to find an affordable moving company, especially if your move is a local one. And you really shouldn’t accept the first offer you get, even if it seems as cheap as it gets.

When you don’t have a good basis for comparison, you just can’t know if there is something better out
there. Hence, what you need to do is to collect several moving estimates from different companies and
compare them.

Compare the quotes carefully and choose the one that suits you best. And make sure you check for
extra fees, you don’t want to be surprised later. Reliable movers will always help you stay within your
budget by providing personalized moving packages.

Best Mover Price Deal
2 Sometimes, the best way to get a better price is to just ask for it.
Negotiate the price with your movers

Maybe this sounds unreal but sometimes you may get a better price by simply asking for it. Moving
company rates (or any other company rates) are not set in stone, so a bit of negotiation can get you a
pretty good deal.

The thing is that most of movers want to keep you as a customer, so they may be willing to modify their rates a bit to meet your budget. And most importantly, you have nothing to lose if you try. Beside the discount, movers can also give you some pointers on what you can do to reduce your moving costs.

Free moving boxes

You should know that cardboard boxes will be your biggest packing expense. Therefore, the fact that
you can easily find free moving boxes is great news. You can ask your friends and colleagues who have
moved recently for cardboard boxes they don’t need. Also, you can do a quick tour around local grocery stores that deal with cardboard boxes on a daily basis.

Getting free boxes will drastically reduce moving costs but you still need to be careful what type of
boxes you collect. The cardboard has to be clean, dry, and strong in order to be used again.

Packing your House supplies
You can use the material you already have around the house instead of packing supplies.

How to cut moving costs?

Sometimes, the little things that don’t seem that important at first are the ones that will save your
money big time. Although packing boxes are your biggest packing expense, the rest of the packing
supplies will cost you money as well. The trick is to use the materials you already have in your home for
packing in order to cut moving costs. Ordinary blankets can replace moving blankets, towels and linens
can replace bubble wrap, and newspapers can protect your items just as well as packing paper. You
don’t need a lot of money if you have imagination. So, get creative! We wish you happy moving!

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