What CES 2019 will have on Offer?

What CES 2019 will have on Offer?

CES 2019 is the place to be for all your latest news on consumer gadgets and more. Ranging from AI tech, that has recently gained ground in the tech world and is apparently here to say to the latest gadgets on offering, CES 2019 will have all this in store in Las Vegas in a few more days.

CES is a place where gadgets either make it or break it before even reaching the production belt. But, enough of all this. Let’s see what the year’s first gadget fair has to offer.

ces 2019
ces 2019

AI Assistants at CES 2019:

Recently AI assistants have gained ground with assistants controlling daily activities like reminding of us of tasks to be performed to even flushing the loo for us. Since the first AI assistant and news of the new things it could do in the last CES, AI assistants now have more skills and actions that are being considered.

CES 2019 will be an area where newer capabilities in the AI line up will be seen like identifying where your pet is hiding or where that TV remote went off to. There will even be AI controlled heart rate monitors, motor cycle helmets, lawnmowers and meditation lamps.

The AI world will also see some new entries in by big wig Samsung. The tech giant is rumored to bring news of a Galaxy Home speaker powered by Bixby. German startup Autolabls also will show a demo on Chris- a new virtual assistant that will be used in cars.

There will also be open source alternatives in AI tech so that users don’t have to stick to only what companies have on offer.

There will also be some new skills added to AI at CES 2019. These new “skills” will be in the form of AI tech sensing a person approaching and then giving daily diary updates as well as adjusting volume based on how close the person is to the AI tech.

Smart IoT labs is also going to show off an assistant to the AI assistant that will give instructions to assistants like the Google assistant and Alexa on your behalf, which sounds a bit much if you ask me.

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Food and Beverages at the CES 2019:

The success of pod based coffee machines has led many startups and others of inculcating that very idea to other kitchen gadgets.

Lecker Labs is all set to showcase a pod in which you add milk to get the yogurt of your choosing. Mitte has plans on showcasing a pod in which you pass water through a series of cartridges to add rock minerals to your water.

LG is also feeling the pod fever with HomeBrew that makes beer from capsules with malt, hop oil and yeast.

There are even health monitoring apps in store in CES 2019 that determines your energy based on carbs and fats being burnt to meet all our energy needs. There will also be smart tags to be attached to each food item for detection and related information to be given by Alexa.

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