Why Are People Leaving NYC?

Making the decision to move somewhere new is never easy – as with most things, it always
has its pros and cons. And pitting these against each other in order to make a decision can be a
difficult process. For example – if you’re thinking of moving from NYC somewhere else, you
definitely have a lot of thinking to do. First and foremost – what are some of the things that the
Big Apple can’t provide you with? And do you know where else you can find them? Primarily,
you need to ask yourself – why are people leaving NYC in the first place? Don’t worry though –
we’ve got some advice we know you’ll find very useful!

Relocating because of your career

When you first look at this kind of decision, it may seem crazy, right? Because regardless of
what profession we’re talking about, it seems that New York City simply offers the most
career opportunities. And yet, in spite of this – you’ll see many people leaving NYC to find
work elsewhere. So, what is this all about? Do other, smaller cities have job markets that can
offer you something New York can’t? Well, yes and no – the answer is a bit more complicated
than that.

First of all, not many people can handle the NYC home mortgages, especially if their careers hit a slump. Once your pay growth reaches a plateau in one place, you need to look into moving elsewhere, even if you’re living in New York. And while NYC has an extremely vibrant economy, it isn’t as diversified as you might think. If you’re working in the service or entertainment sector, it’s true – New York can be your best choice on the East Coast. But if you’re looking for heavy industry positions, or some other kind of manufacturing – there are plenty of other places which may offer you more opportunities.

The competition may be easier elsewhere

As we’re all aware of, for young professionals who are looking to make it in their careers, New York is almost always the best place to go. And in this case – the emphasis is on ‘almost’. Why? Well, when we start out working, we’re all looking for competition. But the truth is – not all of us can handle it. So, sure, on one hand, if you’re looking for a career in the humanities or in show business – New York is a great option. But there’s another side to that – because everyone goes to New York, you may find yourself lacking the means to handle the competition.

Three glass high-rises, seen from a low angle.
In the world of business, smaller markets may suit you better!

In truth, no matter how much you want to make a name for yourself – only the best make it in the Big Apple. And that’s another reason why many are leaving NY for Philly or other smaller cities – there are perfectly capable individuals out there, who could be one of the best in a smaller environment. So, in that case, finding another place to live may be exactly what your career needs.

The noise may be too much for you

Of all the places in the world, New York can wear the moniker of the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ most proudly. In fact, this is true in almost every way imaginable. But while that’s all well and good when you just want to come here to have a good time, if you want to live here, be sure that you can handle all of noise. Let’s be realistic – if your personal budget can’t handle a high-end neighborhood, chances are good that you’ll be living above a noisy club or a local food joint. And that’s one of the primary reasons you can find people leaving NYC – many just want a more peaceful life.

So, if you’re not an undergrad student looking for an endless party, you may want to start thinking about the moving costs of relocating to another place. Of course, in this case, as with everything else, you’ll need to think about your priorities. Are the opportunities New York offers more important to you, when compared to a quieter life? This is a decision everyone needs to make for themselves. There’s really no one good answer to the question.

A busy New York street during the day.
The hustle and bustle of New York is too much for some

Raising a family

As we’ve mentioned above, when people relocate to NYC, they’re mostly looking for professional opportunities. Or, they want a life filled with entertainment, which their smaller towns can’t provide. Regardless of that, you should remember one simple fact – over time, your lifestyle priorities will inevitably change. That’s perfectly natural. While parties and career advancement may be crucial for younger people, once you reach a certain age, you may start thinking about raising a family of your own. And that’s when you start thinking about other family destinations.

New York isn’t always the best choice for children

When it comes to raising children, New York definitely has its ups and downs. For one – you’ll need to provide them with adequate schooling. If your finances can handle a private school, that’s great. But if you need to send them to a public school, a good one will require living in a more expensive school district. And that’s not even getting into the fact that New York is not the safest city in the world, which is one of the reasons why people leaving NYC is a common sight. Sure, NYC is safer than it’s ever been. But it’s still one of the biggest cities on Earth. So, while your kids will be much more socially inclined if they grow up here, you may want to bring them up in a more secure environment of a smaller town.

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